PhD Theses

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  • Aditya Bindal Computational Methods for Multiscale Analysis of Chemical Processes
  •  2005

  • Vishal Goyal Design and Synhesis of Flexible Module Based Systems
  • Ipsita Banerjee An Adaptive Chemistry Scheme to Model Reactive Flow
  • Dan Wu Unified Frameworks for the Optimal Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Zhenya Jia Large Scale Scheduling Optimization Considering Uncertainty:Refinery Operations
  •  2007

  • Nripen Sharma Metabolic Engineering of Stem Cell Differentiation
  •  2008

  • Patricia Portillo Quality By Design For Continuous Powder Mixing
  • Edgar Davis Modeling and Optimization of Process Engineering Problems Containing Black-box Systems and Noise
  •  2009

  • Hong Yang Design and analysis of Amino Acid supplementation in Hepatocyte culture using in vitro experiment and mathematical modeling
  •  2010

  • Zukui Li Process Operations with Uncertainty and Integration Considerations
  • Kaiyuan He Development of Kinetic Model Reduction Framework and its Application in Realistic Flow Simulation
  • Beverly Smith Product Design and Product Portofolio Modeled Integration and Optimization


  • Mehmet A. Orman Bioinformatics Analysis of Control Mechanisms of Burn and Sepsis Induced Inflammatory Response
  • Aditya U. Vanarase Design, Modeling and Real-Time Monitoring of Continuous Powder Mixing Processes


  • Yijie Gao Modeling and Analysis of Continuous Powder Blending
  • Fani Boukouvala Integrated Simulation and Optimization of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


  • Shuliang Zhang Combustion Characterization and Kinetic Modeling in Reactive Flow Simulations